Monday, July 26, 2010

Princess Kalyn

I threw a bachelorette partaaay this weekend for my very-special-lady-friend Miss Kalyn. All the girls arrived on Friday night and Saturday morning. Our first activity was a trip to the Capitol Skyline pool party.

When we first arrived around noon, there were a lot of little kids and babies in the pool. Around 1 o'clock or so, the dj started cranking up the music, and by the time we left the place around 4 o'clock it looked like this:

The water was so full of hair, suntan lotion, and bodies that we lost a pair of sunglasses on the bottom of the pool. You couldn't even see your feet! Kinda gross, but the people watching and poolside drinks were totally worth it.

Next, we headed back to the house for some dinner, bachelorette games, and a little R&R. Here we are getting the party started back up with some cherry jell-o shots....

We spent the rest of the night getting a little late-night tour of Washington DC on the Boomerang Bus. They don't disclose the evening agenda for the bus until you start the trip, so after the meetup we found out which three bars we were headed to for the night and met the other people on the bus. We ended up having a great time, and now I can't wait to see everyone again next weekend for the wedding!


  1. OoooooOOOOoooo!!! And this is why I love local bloggers. I get to find out about all the cool places in the urrea. I'm also a little sad b/c I grew up just outside of DC and I don't know it/love it as much as I do Baltimore. It's time for a change!

  2. Angie - the boomerang bus has a baltimore line, too!! I have only been to Baltimore once or twice... the only place I remember is a restaurant called Annabelle Sea or something like that.