Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Basil Resurrection

A few weeks ago, a roommate of mine packed up all of her things and whisked herself off to live with her FH. (see definition #1) Lucky for me, she didn't feel like dragging a half-dead experiment in gardening along with her. And so I became the recipient of this little hand-me-down:

Brown stems? Not a good sign.... and it gets worse.

Translucent and malnourished leaves. Don't worry, though, there IS good news in this post.

Little baby leaves have begun to grow, and guess what? They're green. REAL, live, garden green.


  1. Basil Resurrection is a real accomplishment. Take it from a notorius basil killer.

  2. hahaha.... I have been at fault for the death of a few basil plants myself. And plenty of other plants, for that matter!