Tuesday, July 20, 2010

In search of a Pen Pal

Yesterday, I started thinking about how nice it would be to receive a letter in the mail. When I was a little girl, I would LOVE to bring in the mail and see what kind of goodies were in there. Now that I'm an actual functioning adult in the world, the mail has lost all its magic; now it's full of junk and bills and other responsibilities.

I figured Google might be able to help me out with this, so I opened a window and searched "pen pal". Nearly every website that came back provided millions of ways to find an email pen pal, but that just isn't the same. After a few different variations of the search, I finally came across a website called Pen Pal Party.

picture from Flickr - you can find it here

On this website, you can make a profile and describe the kind of pen pal you are looking for. Once you have a profile, you can browse through the other people on the site and contact them to see if they want to be your pen pal. So far, I have posted a profile and I have contacted one person. I have also gotten five or six emails from people that want to write me!

The emails are all so sweet, I might just end up with too many pen pals. Let me just show you a little glimpse of one.

"Hi. nice to meet you.
my name is Eunji.
i'm 22 live in seoul South Korea
i looking for a friend. but i can just little speak and
wirtes, reads in English/Japanese
i want a penpal from a different backgroud culture because
i want to know about different people
Can we become friends?"

Can we become friends? OF COURSE WE CAN because you're adorable.


  1. Holy cute! My mom writes me letters which is like the most precious thing ever.

  2. umm that is probably the cutest thing I've ever seen.

    just found your blog via APW, wanted to say hi to a fellow arlingtonian!

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  4. Meghan, that IS the most precious thing ever. so sweet. I bet my grandma would write me if I initiated it.

    R.A.P. - thanks for stopping by! Glad to know there are other "practical" ladies in the area ;) I'll take a visit over to your blog - I'm a runner too so I think I'm gonna like it!

  5. hey thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog!

    Very cute blog you have here~