Thursday, July 22, 2010

baby steps

Here I am* with my nephew, when he was a little peanut.

... and look at him now!

Is he the cutest or what?? Now that he is a big two-year-old, he is just bursting with personality, as you can tell in this last photo. He likes watching the trains go by, swimming in the pool, and eating potato chips. When he feels like talking to me on the phone, he wants me to sing The Itsy Bitsy Spider. Usually at the end of the phone call someone in the background will tell him, "tell Auntie you miss her," and he'll say, "misss yoooou, home soooooon," and my heart just ACHES to be home on Long Island with him.

Watching him grow into this little independent human being has been such a blast so far. My feelings have been so torn... half of me can't wait to see the next stages, and the other half of me doesn't want to leave this part behind. Little man is the first baby of his generation for our family and I know one thing for sure - our family events are way more fun with a baby around to make funny faces at us.

*wtf is going on with my collar?


  1. OMG that face! He's a cutie patootie. Family gatherings have a new sense of life when a small child or baby is around. I think it's knowing that the tradition/love will be carried on into another generation. That and they're so damn adorable.

  2. Angie you're right... I love watching my parents teach him all the same songs & games they taught us when we were little.