Monday, June 11, 2012

Fishing at Shinnecock Inlet

Usually while we are at home visiting my family, Justin and I relax by the pool, run a few times, eat obscene amounts of home-cooked food, and just generally hang out with my family. 

This trip, Chuck suggested getting up with the sun and doing a little fishing at the Shinnecock Inlet.  (Read about the Shinnecock Inlet here).  The sun decided to sleep in, but the three of us were up and out on the rocks nice and early.

There were about 20 other fishermen (and fisherwomen :) out there along with us.  I didn't see a single catch all morning!

I still enjoyed being on the water and casting out a fishing pole a few times.  As kids, my aunt and uncle would take the four of us kids out on boat trips around the Long Island waters for a few weeks at a time.  I have many memories of riding out the choppy waves of the Shinnecock Inlet.  It was fun to go back for a visit.

The commercial fishing boats seemed to have more luck catching fish out on the open ocean, as indicated by the flock of seagulls surrounding the boat.

Justin pulled in this little guy all tangled up in another fishing line.  Chuck and Justin did their best to cut him free and help him live, but I don't think they found him in time.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Memorial Day 2012

We traveled to my home town of Blue Point, NY for Memorial Day this year.  Long Island is a very patriotic place, so it's great to visit for Memorial Day.

It also happened to be my parents' 34th Wedding Anniversary!  Aren't they awesome?  Check out Carvel's iconic "Fudgie the Whale" cake  :)

We got to enjoy the "first weekend of Summer" with a bunch of perfect summertime activities.  Look!  A tiny (and overweight) chihuahua named Carlos shaking off his bath.

My parents gave me this wooden swing for my 16th birthday.  Here are Chuck #1 and Chuck #2 enjoying the afternoon:

Little dude (Chuck #3) was pretty hilarious for his first Slip 'n' Slide experience.

He wasn't into the whole diving-onto-your-belly thing, despite many demonstrations from his mother & Uncle Justin.  Instead, he would slide down on his butt, run through it, crawl under it, and drink it.  I don't think he missed out... he loved it!  As a matter of fact, around 8pm that night, he was asking if he could get back in it.  Amazing how kids don't mind that freezing cold hose water!!

Uncle Justin did a lot of fishing while we were there.  He didn't catch a whole lot, but there were a few tiny little fish.  Here he is showing Charles his first fish catch out of the pond....

The pond at home is mostly full of snapping turtles and frogs.  Justin caught one huge snapping turtle by accident.  You should have seen the fiasco of the boys trying to get the hook out of the turtle's mouth (poor guy).

He was not a happy camper!

Luckily, my family comes from a long line of nature (and turtle) lovers.  They have literally spent generations working to protect and preserve this pond and the animals in it.  After a few minutes of drama, they were able to get the hook out of the turtle's mouth and set him free again to swim.

This old dinosaur turtle reminded me of the movie Finding Nemo, where the young fish wants to know how long a sea turtle can live.  How old do you think this guy is?!

PS -- I borrowed the turtle pictures from the Long Island Frog Blog, written by my dad :)