Thursday, May 3, 2012

Order Envy and Bald Eagles

Justin was working on Saturday, so I spent the day in Chester, VA at Maryellen's adorable new shop, the Handmade Happiness Boutique.  As always, it was so fun to look at all the pretty jewelry she has been designing.  Now that Maryellen is running a retail shop, she also carries the work of several other artists and designers from around the country.  Every corner of the shop has something new to see!

Justin drove down to spend the evening with us, and we had a great time chowing down on Chinese food and watching Baby Leo run around like a crazy person.  He is no longer a sleepy baby, he is now a little whirlwind of energy.

On our way back home, Justin and I stopped for a visit to Fredericksburg, VA.  It was a great way to spend the afternoon.

We enjoyed lunch at a little local favorite called Soup & Taco.  My meal was ok, but I didn't follow the cardinal rule: get the soup and taco.  I had a bad order and spent the meal enviously watching Justin eat :)   (The restaurant is great -- I just forgot that I don't like empanadas!)

After lunch, we met up with our friend Ryan for a little stroll down to the city docks.  Some crazy woman was out there with a stopwatch, forcing her miserable children to do running workouts in preparation for the Great Train Race.

Ryan headed home to spend the day with his family, and we went off to J's favorite fishing spot.  He has been testing out some new lures and learning more about fishing techniques. 

My homework kept me busy, but I did manage to do a little sky-gazing while I was there.  I may or may not have squeezed in a little "power nap" on the riverbank, as well.

From my front-row seat, I also watched two bald eagles flying over the river, catching fish.  At one point, one of the eagles sat on a tree branch watching a hawk find a fish for lunch.  As soon as the hawk caught one, the eagle flew right over to him and the hawk dropped the fish out of his beak and flew away.  That lazy eagle got himself a free lunch!

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