Tuesday, August 10, 2010

before and after 24

I play this little game in my head sometimes....

What was I doing one year ago today?

This time last year, I was sad that my boyfriend was deployed in Iraq for my birthday. My roommates did a great job making up for it, though, and we went out to my favorite little restaurant down the street and I drank pink champagne. YUM. I was turning 23, and I was thinking about how dull life would be if I had to work at my job forever.

What will I be doing one year from today?

A year from today, I will have just turned 25. A Big Birthday - no longer my dad's little baby girl. My now-fiance will have just returned from a 6 (or 7, 8, or 9) month deployment, and we will either be doing some last-minute wedding planning or some not-so last minute wedding planning (we don't have a date yet!). Both of our leases end in July, so we might even be living together.. who knows?

It's nice to think that every birthday from here on out will be marked by activities, milestones, and life together with my very best friend and soon-to-be husband.
This past weekend, the boy very graciously baked a cake for my birthday. It was the first cake he has ever made. He made the buttercream frosting himself and decorated the top with the words "best fiance bday" in pink icing, which I found adorable. and maybe kinda confusing :P

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